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Unique Condoms – Unique Condoms

Super Safe. Worry less with Unique. Unique is made with a polyethylene synthetic resin. The condom is latex-free, hypoallergenic and vegan. It is three times stronger than standard latex thus reducing the chances of breakage.

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Polyurethane as a Latex Condom Alternative

Polyurethane condoms allowed for greater stimulation and less penis constriction. Both men and women felt more sensitivity while using polyurethane condoms  . People appear to prefer the odor of polyurethane condoms versus latex condoms and found the lubricant to be less messy. Polyurethane condoms seem to be harder to unroll than latex condoms.

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The plastic condom is made from plastic film (ethylene ethyl acrilate) of 0.001 inch (0.0254 mm.) thickness. In addition, a rubber ring is provided and sealed into the base of the condom for retention during coitus. The advantage of the plastic condom design and the equipment on which it is made is that production can be carried out either in labour-intensive economy or with varying degrees of mechanization and automation.

5 Best Non-Latex Condoms - Where to Get Non Latex Condoms

5 Great Non-Latex Condoms if Latex Gives You a Rash. 1. SKYN. AMAZON. These bad bois are available in drugstores all over, so you can rest easy knowing non-latex options are readily available. They’re ... 2. Durex Real Feel Non-Latex Condoms. 3. Trojan Supra Non-Latex BareSkin. 4. Unique Pull ...

Polyurethane Condoms: The great alternative to latex

Whilst the Polyurethane Condoms are great for those who are allergic to latex, you should know that they still have the same risks as a regular condom. Condoms can split if they are not put on properly or you have purchased the wrong size so take this into account when practicing safe sex.

10 Best Organic and Vegan Condoms and Lubes 2020 | The Strategist

If you prefer to use a latex-free condom, Ligon recommends the new brand Unique, which makes its condoms with synthetic polyethylene resin. The condoms, which are vegan and odorless, are a third ...

Trojan™ BareSkin™ Supra™ Non-Latex Thin Condoms | Trojan™

These non-latex condoms are made from clear, odor-free, medical-grade polyurethane. Additional Features. Special reservoir end holds more sperm for extra protection; Helps reduce the risk of pregnancy and STIs; Each condom is electronically tested to help ensure reliability; PACK TYPES. Available in 3-count and 6-count packs

8 FAQs About Polyurethane Condoms: STI Risk, Lube How-To, and ...

You’ve heard of latex condoms. But what about polyurethane condoms? Yup, the wonderful world of rubbers goes far beyond, well, rubber. Polyurethane is basically a type of plastic.

The 6 Best Non-Latex Condoms You Can Buy Right Now

Synthetic options include polyisoprene, polyurethane, and polyethylene condoms. Animal barriers are commonly made from lambskin.