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The partner with herpes would need to rub the sex toy on an open sore, and then immediately (within seconds to minutes) rub the toy on someone else’s skin. Then, there may be a chance that the herpes virus could spread, but

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The only time a sex toy should be a concern for STI transmission should be when an infected partner has just finished using it and you immediately insert the toy into your anus. So basically, unless someone was using it immediately before you and you took it from them and immediately used it on yourself, don't be worried.

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Anal sex (as well as oral and vaginal sex) is another way to transmit the herpes virus from one person to another; however, one partner needs to have herpes in order to pass it on. The symptoms of anal herpes include pain, itching, and sores in your genital area, but many people who are infected show no outwardly visible signs.

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If you use a sex toy in your butt and then use it in your own vagina (or around your penile opening), this can also result in one of these infections.

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Anal sex Receiving oral sex (fellatio, cunnilingus, and analingus) Between outbreaks, it's OK to have sex, as long as your partner understands and accepts the risk that they may contract herpes.

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Oral sex transmission is just as probable as vaginal sex. THere’s a lot of new herpes cases that pop up from just having oral sex. Anal Sex this is not as common as vaginal sex or oral sex however, you can still transmit herpes and other STD’s with anal sex. This again goes back to the skin to skin transmission.

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As such, the more common causes of herpes transmission are kissing, or direct skin-to-skin contact during vaginal, anal, or oral sex with someone who has an active infection. It is possible, however, to spread the virus via the fingers (i.e., if someone touches an active sore and then touches a mucous membrane), including manual stimulation and ...

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Oral herpes (around the mouth, sometimes called cold sores or fever blisters) can be passed on through kissing or oral sex. If a person with oral herpes performs oral sex, it is possible to pass along the infection to the partner’s genitals. If a person with genital herpes has sex, it is possible for his or her partner to get genital herpes.

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Be aware that herpes can be spread by both vaginal or anal sex. Use of latex condoms can greatly cut down on transmission rates of genital herpes. Transmission rates are reduced by 30 – 50% when latex condoms are used properly.

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A butt plug is an anal sex toy which basically does as its name suggests. Given that everybody has a butt, butt plugs can be enjoyed by just about anyone, but it doesn't mean they will be enjoyed ...